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X Ray Technician Facts and Information

X Ray Technician Facts and Information

Overview of the X-Ray Technician

First and foremost, let us understand what the role demands. There are specific skills and experience that is required for this role. The professional has to deal with different ailments like tumors, broken bones, lung disorders, pneumonia and the individual have to take the necessary training from the technician schools and colleges. X Ray is a part of radiology and noninvasive tests are conducted by medical experts and it also helps in treating a wide variety of injuries and diseases. The job involves helping the patients and helping in proper body positioning so that the x ray pictures are correctly captured. The Technician is also responsible for maintenance of the x ray machines, ensuring that the correct picture as regards the contrast, density and proper detail is captured.

x ray technician

The role of the x ray tech involves evaluation the purchases of the radiology equipment, preparation of work schedules, management of the department and so on. In addition to the educational qualifications that are required to make a successful x ray technician, there are other attributes that will qualify an individual for the role. He or she also has to be an effective communicator, listener, precision in using equipment and should be able to have good attention to detail. Also, since they have to deal with a lot of equipment, they should also be capable to handle these equipment physically when it comes to moving and positioning patients and also have to be on their toes continued. The job involves a lot of standing and they need to have a lot of physical as well as mental stamina for the same. The X ray technician also has to have valid licenses and certification for doing the job as an x ray technologist and should be aware of the industry standard skills to do the job successfully. Also medical institutions only hire reputed and professional radiology technicians who have the requisite experience and education for the job.

Academic program

The basic educational qualification involves a graduation from a reputed High School. The academic program involves training in technologies of X rays and X ray machines. They need to complete the requisite training and they will get relevant experience. The academic program will provide you the necessary training and experience in handling x ray machines and equipment. The program involves in various aspects of medicine that includes medical terminology, physiology, imaging principles and basics of human anatomy. Some of the programs also provide details about radiology, pathology and medical ethics.

X Ray technicians have to pass or clear specific examinations that are conducted by the Universities or educational institutions. The professionals also have to renew their certification and registration after a specific period of time.

Education Requirement

Let’s understand more about educational requirements and necessary education that would be required to qualify for the post of X ray technician. The X ray technicians are also referred to as radiology technicians or technologists and they are trained and educated on handling equipment and use the necessary care to protect themselves from the harmful X rays. Patient record maintenance and upkeep and maintenance of equipment are part of their duties. The educational requirements may vary from one State to another. Ideally, a Bachelor’s degree from the High School is the most sought after education. There are classroom sessions, training programs that provide the requisite training to these people. The programs are conducted in clinical settings in classrooms so as to provide practical training and experience to the students.
If you are keen on taking up the profession as an X Rays technician, then the student has to take subjects like chemistry, biology, science and maths. Check out for schools and colleges that are certified and licensed to provide the necessary education to the students. The student in turn checks out for accredited courses from these colleges and universities.

Training and Certification

It is important to identify X ray training and certification schools and institutions that provide the necessary education program to the students. The student should have completed high school education. They should have a sound background of subjects like pure maths, chemistry, anatomy and biology. Always take up training from a college that has the requisite licenses and certification. Find out if the college is recognized and has the necessary credentials for imparting training and certification to students or else the certificate holds no value. The student needs to have a formal training in Radiology and other aspects of radiology to qualify for a job as an X ray technician. There is a plethora of programs and medical training sessions conducted. A four year Bachelor program qualifies the student to become an X ray technician. An X ray technician training program combines clinical training and classroom training. The training imparted helps the students in identifying various aspects of X ray, medical terminology, ethics of medical radiation, radiology and so on.
The longer programs are helpful and if you have the money to spare one needs to go in for a full fledged program instead of short term courses on radiology. The better the qualification and experience, the higher is the salary of an X ray technician.

Tasks performed by X-Ray Technician

The X-Ray Technician has to perform a whole lot of tasks like ensuring the equipment are in good order, supervision of medical equipment, reports, screening of reports,. Their job also involves clicking pictures or chest x-rays, preparing the patients, adjusting the x ray equipment, basic maintenance of the equipment, processing of the x ray reports and records. The senior level X ray technicians also have to take up tasks like training the junior technicians and providing them the necessary training and education. They also have basic education about diagnosing the reports. The other tasks involve taking radiography of the urinary tract, fluoroscopic reports, radiography of facial sinuses, teeth, jaw, skull, gastrointestinal tracts and so on. The student also is trained and guided on performing these radiography tests with precision.

Average Salary

The salary of the X ray technician varies with their experience and educational qualifications. Once they are trained to perform certain duties, they gain the requisite experience that will help them get good jobs with a good salary. The job involves a specific set of skills and hence the salaries offered to these technicians are really good. The average annual salary of the X ray technician is about sixty thousand US dollars. In addition to the salary, they are also offered a whole lot of other benefits and benefits in the form of insurance, medical facilities and so on. The place of work, the location and the country they are working also has a role to play in the salary levels. In many countries, these technicians are paid excellent and the salary may even cross seventy thousand US dollars annually, which is really big money. If they are ready to work overtime, they pay extra money on an hourly basis for the extra time they put in. Similarly, some of these x ray technicians also take up work on weekends which helps them improve their income levels. Some of them may also branch into teaching, recruitment of junior technicians and consulting.

Career Outlook

Do you intend taking up a specific set of skills in medicine, then you should seriously think of opting for a career in Radiography. The career prospects are really good and there is indeed a dearth of good radiography assistants or X ray technicians. It calls for specific skill sets and a lot of experience and exposure to using these equipment. The role of X ray technician involves handling x ray equipment, preparing reports, maintenance of X ray equipment and so on. They need to have an eye for detail and knack of handling patients and so on.
The student should have completed a graduation from a reputed and recognized radiology school that imparts training education and experience in X ray machines and equipment.
The basic certificate course is for two years and if you are keen on really specializing in X ray, then you need to go in for a full fledged course. Students take up either Bachelor’s degree or go for a Master’s in Radiology. This prepares them for a good job with a good earning.

Online training and experience

There are online training schools that impart training on X ray equipment, machines and if you do not have the time, you can enroll for these. Ideally, you need to check out for a brick and mortar educational institution, which provides more detailed education and training. On the job training about x ray equipment is important and the student is in a better position to grasp it. Some of the Radiology institutions and educational centers also impart best online education to students who aspire to become X ray technicians. There are good job prospects in clinics, diagnostic centers and hospitals for these professionals. Students who have super specialized in this field have greater chances of getting into a reputed health establishment. With more and more awareness of this specific skill sets, many people want to take up this profession.

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