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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary

What is the Salary of a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

The advancement of medical science has enabled man today to address and treat a number of ailments and also provided ample avenues for personnel to take up medicine related professions and lead a contented life on the packages such as the sonographer salary. The job profile of a diagnostic medical sonographer includes imaging parts of the human body in an attempt to detect any abnormality, disease, the spread of diseases and also to monitor the health of a baby in the mother’s womb. The main steps involved towards medical treatment before the commencement of a dedicated and specialized treatment usually include sonography so as to decide the area of organ which needs attention. The profession of medicine requires deep commitment and a sense of service towards the society. With the advent of sound waves into the field of medicine, the sonographer’s profile has been on the rise. 

How Much do Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Make

The main return which any medical professional looks for in return for the services provided by him or her is the satisfaction and the contentment of serving the society. With the commercialization of the medical field, in addition to the above mentioned assets, the pay structure of all medical professionals has also reached respectable levels and many a times, it is this pay scale which attracts some of the field. A sonographer’s salary is a variable amount and depends on a number of things. The main variables or factors on which the salary of a diagnostic medical ultrasonographer depends are listed below.

1. Type of training.

There are different types of degrees which a sonogram technician can get. These vary from a one year course to a four year long duration of the course. The pay structure subsequently also depends on the kind of qualification the person in question has.


The job of a ultrasonographer is well nourished with experience and needs the knowledge of past incidents to get the best results. Thus, like most other fields, a sonographer’s salary depends on the number of years or rather the number of scans the person has done.


The type of contract or the place of employment of a ultrasonographer may vary from a hospital to a private practice. Though renowned hospitals are known to pay up to 35,000$ for the services of a sonographer, the figure is just a vague idea and the exact amount depends on the location, experience, specialty and other factors. Private diagnostic clinics also face a number of factors which dictate the income as such.


There are a number of sub specialties for a sonogram technician to venture into. The approximate hourly rates for providing these services are as listed below.

(a) Diagnostic imaging :- 35$

(b) Radiology :- 30-35$

(c) Gynecology imaging :- 35-38$


The avenues for progress and increments in a sonographer’s salary are numerous and it is sustained practice and experience which affects the salary the most. The certification and license attained by the professional is also a major factor affecting the sonographers salary.

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